Fun Extras

Tarot Readings $15

This ancient form of Divination can give you insight into challenges you are facing. Let the cards speak to you. An interpretation of the standard deck of Tarot cards can shed some light on current situations and how to take steps to move forward in your life.

Sweet Treats – prices vary

If you would like to add sweet treats and desserts to your party, we will provide a table for an additional fee. You can customize your treats any way you like. Contact our awesome baker, Erica at 773-899-4309 or email her (envdelight [at] for more information.

The Wine Cellar 
Enjoy the best wines from the Napa Valley with our Independent Wine Consultant. Labels are also able to be customized. Kathy Lennon can be contacted at 312-493-6300 or by email at Ktlennon [at]