Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Tune Up Massage: $1 per minute (up to 20 minutes)

Do you just need a quick fix? Hop on the massage table and relieve your stress with perfect compressions, rocking and stretching. Rejuvenate, relax and recharge!

Therapeutic Massage: $45 (30 minutes); $60 (60 minutes)

Customize your massage to relax your mind and muscles or focus on a specific area of tension. Full body relaxation massage or deep therapeutic work can be utilized to soften muscles for a longer lasting effect. Aromatic essential oil is used for a scent-sational experience!

Hot Stone Massage: $85 (60 minutes)

The ultimate in relaxation for mind and body. Warm stones are strategically placed on your body while your muscles are massaged. You will feel your tension release and melt away.

Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment: $20 (25 minutes)

An invigorating blend of massage and nourishing oil brings life back to your scalp. The oil helps open the follicles to promote growth as well as add shine and luster to your hair. This is a wonderful addition to any massage.

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Body Scrub: $75

Using dead sea salt, essential oils, and grapeseed oil, a salt glows main purpose is to exfoliate your skin. This treatment will also hydrate your skin. The salt glow is removed by hot towels and is followed by an application of body lotion leaving your skin very hydrated.